On hustle and bustle…and feeling behind.

Disney Wonder Cruise Jackson with Lobby Christmas Tree

Maybe it’s because I now work full time and am still trying to keep up with this blog (ha ha ha). Maybe it’s because we took a vacation right before Thanksgiving and when we returned I felt super behind on my holiday prep (I still am).

Whatever the reason, I feel in over my head this year.

I LOVE Christmas time. Like super soft pink puffy heart LURVE it…but wow how things have gotten the best of me this year.

I don’t like feeling behind, like I can’t do it all. And yet, I still foolishly had the expectation that I somehow could (why do I put that kind of pressure on myself?!)

Then, the week before our cruise I found myself rushing to pack, working overtime hours, and helping a friend move into their new home all while suffering from a TERRIBLE respiratory virus.

Finally, just days before we were due to sail away, I had to waive the white flag.

I called in sick, went to the doctor, got medicine…and get this. I rested. Like really honestly just laid in bed all day, for two days.

And magically (in true Disney fashion), the morning we went to board the ship I felt like a new woman.

But it made me think. Why did I push myself to that point? Why did I overload myself with responsibility? And honestly, I don’t know the answer. I truly don’t have aspirations to be super woman, I really don’t care what others think of me…and even after all of that it’s as if there is this unseen force that drives me to bite off way more than I chew in life sometimes.

I learned an important lesson about motherhood as I was laying in bed actually resting for the first time… in months? Maybe years? As a mother our instincts are always to care for everything and everyone in our lives…but sometimes the best thing is to just take a deep breath and make sure you have not forgotten to care for yourself.

Disney Wonder Cruise with parrots at Ardastra Gardens

Because when you do that? It automatically makes you a better mother…without even trying.

**Photos and tips from our 7 day Bahamian cruise aboard the Disney Wonder coming later this week**


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